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A platform that insights investment in both people and companies by people and companies,
creating financial equality for all demographics around the world, that connects borrowers and lenders.

Community Financial Services



What is Community Financial Services?

We enable people to save, transact and access credit following the traditions of savings in communities We provide the technology infrastructure to help Savings Groups (SGs) digitize the end to end value chain to improve efficiency, transparency, accountability and sustainability. The ultimate goal is to encourage the culture of savings, drive financial inclusion and enable SGs to support members to realize their aspirations

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What Is Connect

We connect local businesses with customers, providing them with online presence and enabling them to grow beyond their physical footprin

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What Is Merchant

We enable micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to transform the way they market, sell and operate. We provide the technology infrastructure that help MSMEs’ merchants to leverage the power of new technologies to connect and engage with their customers and operate in a more efficient way.

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